Maro-chan, the Japanese eyebrow cat

Monday, August 31, 2009

A few days ago this video was uploaded to YouTube. It's a two-month old kitten that has suddenly become the well-known eyebrow cat (眉毛猫 or mayugeneko). My translation of most the video is below.

Title: Cat with worried-looking eyebrows

So what could it be?
0:20 A cat with eyebrows. Yes, it looks like it's worried about something.
0:28 Try touching the cat and yes, they're definitely real.
0:35 Shizuoka prefecture's submission for Chinhyakukei (the name of the show): a cat with eyebrows that looks worried about something.
(Name: Maro-chan. Female, 2 months old.) This cat is Maro-chan, just two months old....doesn't seem to know how her eyebrows got to look this way...
1:00 Interview with dad: I was really opposed to getting the cat when we got it.
Q: Ah, you were opposed to it in the beginning?
A: Yeah, because I really hate cats.
Q: You hate...
A: Yeah, and when I saw this cat I just loved her. Right that moment my hate turned to love. It felt more like destiny than the first meeting with my mom.

Then a final comment saying the same thing, and then the people on the panel joke about how the cat always looks like she's running around saying she's sorry for everything, and how important these eyebrows are if they can change a person that hates cats into one that loves them.

And just in case you're at a workplace that doesn't allow YouTube on the job, here's a screenshot of Maro-chan.


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