Japan decides to recognize Ahmadinejad election, will send ambassador to swearing-in ceremony

Monday, August 03, 2009

Bad news from here in Japanese. The article says that the Japanese government has decided to recognize the re-election of Ahmadinejad and will be sending their ambassador in Iran, Akio Shirota (城田安紀夫), to the ceremony. This is him (image comes from here):

The reason given in the article is that Japan wishes to obtain a long-term source of oil and thus wants to place weight on good relations with the current government.

The article also says that he'll be appearing at Khamenei's official recognition of Ahmadinejad today (3 August).

Here's the contact address for the Embassy of Japan in Tehran.

(c) Embassy of Japan in Iran
Corner of the 5th St., Bucharest Ave., Tehran, Iran
Tel: (+98)-(021)-8871-7922
Fax: (+98)-(021)-8871-3515 mail:infoeoj@neda.net
Which is located here:

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