5 August 2009: English Wikipedia approaching 3 million articles

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


It's at 2,980,100 articles right now. I haven't paid much attention to the progress of the English Wikipedia in particular (though of course I use it just as much as before) since now it has so many articles I prefer to watch the progress of other languages that are just getting to the level where their Wikipedias can start to be called an encyclopedia (Korean is a good example), and point out certain Wikipedias in particular that have especially high quality in spite of a low article count, like Afrikaans.

The article count will explode right near the end as a lot of people try to create the 3 millionth article, so it'll probably be only a few moments after it reaches 2,999,500 or so that it'll cross the mark, and then you'll see a press release and lots of articles talking about it, with comments below saying the same thing - can we really trust Wikipedia? Is it really an encyclopedia? Etc.

Another fairly big landmark is also coming up soon, probably before the 3 million for English - 500,000 articles in Spanish. It's at 499,684 right now. Check the Spanish press or meneame.net for discussion on that in a few hours when it crosses half a million. Portuguese is also only 2000 articles back from 500,000 too so they'll probably both cross that mark on the same day. They're neck and neck when it comes to number of articles - number of edits, not so much.


Anonymous said...

why haven't you linked the images to the live pages? you should know better than that, dave ;)

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