10 August 2009 (19 Mordad 2009): after effects from the second day of the sham trial in Iran

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lots of repercussions from the second day of the trial, which is just as if not more ridiculous than the first day. It included a French teaching assistant named Clotilde Reiss that France is working to get released; she confessed yesterday to the sending of a single email she sent to a colleague describing the protests in Esfahan after the election that she took part in. The second link is more than a simple report of the proceedings though so be sure to read it. It describes how the trial as yet seems to lack any coherent strategy and is failing to strike any sort of fear in the populace either. The only general theme that is emerging from this is an old and tired one involving blaming the West for post-election ills, including Twitter, Google's adding of Persian to its list of automatically translated languages, Facebook, and software that allowed videos to be seen even while limited to extremely low bandwidth.

Note that at the same time this government has no problem with using technology from the West to further their own agenda - technology from Nokia and Siemens has been used by them to monitor activity of Iranians within the country.


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