Post-election events in Iran: 24 July (2 Mordad)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hi - if you're here from a Twitter update, check the bottom of the post.

Reza Aslan a bit over a day ago on the worldwide protests scheduled for tomorrow:

You can read a USA Today article on the protests here.

Interestingly, Press TV has had quite a few articles lately not only on Mousavi's statements, but also criticism of state media. This may be just a wild guess, but considering the pushback Press TV has been making against the BBC and other news outlets, they may have become most concerned about being seen as a legitimate source of news.

Nothing on Twitter has really changed, with #Iranelection managing to maintain a position on the lower rung of the trending topics most of the time:

Here's a video apparently from 31 Tir (22 July) that shows people protesting in the street at night, chanting just about every slogan we've heard so far - death to/down with the dictator (مرگ بر ديكتاتور), freedom of thought not out the window (آزادي انديشه از پنجره نميشه), etc. The text on the video says that they gather every night at 10 pm and walk around chanting slogans.

There's another video here from the 16th from the same place - Apadana, Tehran.


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