NASA astronaut tweeting in both English and Spanish

Saturday, July 04, 2009

I've written a few times about how everyone interested in space and with a Twitter account should be following Mark Polansky (Astro 127) on Twitter, as the ability to receive small status updates of such brevity is very important in imparting to as many people as possible what it actually feels like to be in space from moment to moment (and the more banal the better - what it feels like to sleep, having fun eating candy, space smells kind of strange etc.). At the moment he has 27,599 followers which is pretty good, but still not the hundreds of thousands that he should have.

At the same time though, there's another astronaut named Jose Hernandez (Astro Jose) who will be launching into space on Discovery in August, and he is bilingual and tweets in both English and Spanish. So sometimes you'll get a "day off from training..." message, other times you'll get a "ultimo dia de nuestra simulacion" message. Often times he'll send the same message in both languages too so you get to compare both of them to another. Highly recommended for both those interested in space and those learning Spanish or English.


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