Iran after the elections: 4 July

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Cartoon comes from here.

Yesterday's big news would arguably be the statement (Persian here) by Ayatollah Sanei supporting protesters and their right to protest against the election results. This was on the front of BBC Persian for a while then.

It might also be this news on the EU summoning all of its Iranian ambassadors in a coordinated protest. Don't forget that unlike the US, the EU is Iran's largest trading partner (40% of Iran's imports come from there) so they have quite a bit of sway that the US does not. You'll notice that articles will also say that China is Iran's largest trading partner (14% or so of imports I think), but this is only when the EU as a combined entity is left out of the equation.

On the musical front (seems to be about one piece of news here every day), U2 held a concert where Sunday Bloody Sunday was done with green and a bit of poetry from Rumi in the background in honour of the protesters in Iran.

A video surfaced yesterday showing clashes between people and Basiji, but the person who uploaded it doesn't know the date. Note the Press TV logo which is a bit unexpected.

The Christian Science Monitor says here that the continued diplomatic isolation that Iran's hardliners are inviting with the detaining of the British embassy staff etc. is a kind of doubling down in an attempt to cement the idea that demonstrations and opposition to the election are part of a foreign plot.

Washington Post has an article here today on what ordinary Americans can do to help Iranians. Unfortunately it's a bit lacking in details (space is limited after all); my suggestions for what to do in the long term have been written here. has an article here on how Iranian female protesters have impressed women throughout the Middle East, most of whom wouldn't (aren't able to) dare demonstrate in the same manner they have in Iran.

It's 10:30 pm in Iran now and here's a tweet from a minute or two ago:

Says: "Tonight Ahmadinejad will seduce the people with his lies tonight, but the people cry out in one voice for freedom: death to the dictator"".


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