Iran after the elections: 3 July

Friday, July 03, 2009

Today we'll start with CNN's most recent video on the 1000+ people being detained by Iran's illegitimate government including Newsweek's Maziar Bahari. Bahari has seemingly been made to make a confession that foreign journalists contribute to spying on the government, but without a lawyer or any information on his treatment at the moment there's no reason to see the statement as having any validity (and as the video noted, it's very common practice for journalists captured to confess to something that is then quickly retracted after being freed).

CBC has a report on Bahari as well.

Al Arabiya has an article here on an Egyptian lawyer that has filed a complaint with the prosecutor general asking for Ahmadinejad to be barred from the country for his planned visit next month. The logic is simple: there is too much proof that the election was fraudulent, if so he's not the legitimate president, and if so then he has no business coming to Egypt to represent Iran.

SMS service has finally been restored in Iran, though the service is apparently a bit weird at the moment with lots of messages being sent over and over and some messages from weeks ago finally making their way through. Parliamentary deputy Mostafa Kavakabian has said that the restriction on messaging has led to much damage to the Iranian economy and wants to see an investigation.

Another good music video was released yesterday, this time by the Freedom Glory Project, composed of Iranian musicians abroad.

Another good editorial from yesterday can be seen here; it's about how revolutions usually take place in the long term, generally not over a single week or two.

A new video has just been released of the continued Allaho Akbar shouting from last night.


Anonymous said...

Sellamat Dave !

Vols tu rikes id prev ? Has scriben "3 june" instet "3 july" in id kaschaf !


데이빛 / Mithridates said...

Dank spollay! Ne mayno od hoyd est june.

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