Icelanders - time to start pestering Google to add Icelandic to Google Translate

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Skilti fyrir utan höfuðstöðvar fyrirtækisins í Mountain View í Kaliforníu.

A lot of languages added to Google Translate have been done so because of intense long-term persistence (Turkish) or sometimes political reasons (Persian), and even Maltese has been available for a while, with a population not much greater than Iceland (400,000+ compared to 300,000+). The three largest Scandinavian languages are available too, but for some reason Icelandic is still out in the cold.

Perhaps it's time to start pestering Google. This thread might be a good one to add to. I just did myself.

Since Icelanders are usually proficient in English as well as Danish or other related languages it isn't a strict necessity as it was with Persian, but without Google Translate it can be hard for people in other countries to follow along with internal media, and due to that sites like this one can be one of the only sources of information on what is being written there. Ideally though people should be able to sift through news at their own pace without having to wait for it to be translated by another person, so being added to Google Translate would be ideal. Not to mention the aid it would provide to students of Icelandic since Google Translate works quite well as a dictionary as well.


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