Atypical pictures of Iran

Monday, July 20, 2009

Atypical for those that have never visited Iran, that is, or don't know as much about it as they might like. Below you can see some pictures of Iran that don't really fit with the image of Iran one often sees in the news (usually hot and dry and full of mosques), and images that could easily look as if they were taken in locations as far north as Scandinavia. Iran extends pretty far north and south, and its northern borders are a wee bit further north than Washington D.C.

Here they are in no particular order.

A park in Shiraz.

Chitgar Park (پارک چیتگر) in Tehran.

Garden by the Niavaran Palace (کاخ نیاوران) in Tehran.

Ahmad Shah's Pavilion in the same palace complex as the previous picture.

Niavaran Park.

A snowy path in Karaj, a city close to Tehran.

A cat in the snow in the same city.

Some park in Tehran in late summer.

Ducks in Mellat Park (پارک ملت) in Tehran.

More Mellat Park.

Mellat Park again!

Tehran in the winter.

A park in Esfahan with a reflecting pool.

Trees surrounded by fog in the village of Chaharrah in the northeast of the country.

A stream somewhere.

Somebody walking at night.

A misplaced sign telling you where to walk.

Alangdareh woodland in winter, in Gorgan.

More trees in Gorgan.

Jamshidieh Park (پارک جمشیدیه) in Tehran.

A statue in Esfahan.

If you're interested in seeing pictures of Iran from the 1970s before the Islamic Revolution, see here.


Anonymous said...

Mirigaj fotoj!

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