51 talks on Ted.com translated into Persian

Friday, July 31, 2009

You can see them here. The talks on Ted.com have been translated into many more languages (even Estonian for two of them) so it's not just Persian either. You may have noticed if you've spent any time abroad to learn a language that sometimes it's also helpful to watch a movie/tv show/speech/etc. on TV in English with the subtitles below, which is not only mentally relaxing but also helps out in showing you the equivalent for a number of expressions you might have wanted to use yourself.

So the next time you happen to see a video on Ted.com, check to see what languages it's been translated into, and if you are watching a ted.com video uploaded to another site you should probably go to the main Ted.com site instead to see them.

It also works for embedded videos too, which is great. Here's one that might be interesting - haven't watched it yet but the subject is pertinent to Iran and the election. I plan to watch it tomorrow.


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