Twitter posts in Persian from the election in Iran today, 12 June 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009

There are quite a few interesting posts on Twitter in Persian right now as voting goes underway and I'll be mentioning them in this post as they happen, so the post will continue to grow as people send more. My Persian still isn't stellar so I may not be 100% accurate.


One guy here seems to be saying that his father was never interested in elections but was moved to vote for Mousavi this time because of what Ahmadinejad has been doing.

Another vote for Mousavi here

This tweet reports that Mousavi and his wife are voting in the city of Ray (ری)

Another person (he's protected his updates so no link here) says that he's voting for Karroubi as a vote for change, as he's wise and uncorrupt

The number of tweets is also interesting: it takes 21 minutes to fill up a page of results for Mousavi, 5 hours for Ahmadinejad, 2 hours for Karroubi, 12 hours for Rezaei.

A family of six votes for Mousavi

Edit a few hours later: this isn't a tweet but it's interesting - a Mousavi ally says he's getting about 58-60% of the vote so far. FrankCornish on DailyKos has also found an interesting image on his entry for today here that kind of sums up the diversity in Iran quite well:

Back to Twitter:

This guy says that everybody was voting for Mousavi where he voted.

Interesting tweet here: this guy says to vote for either Mousavi or Rezaei, and that to vote for Ahmadinejad after all the lies and whatnot is playing with treason.

This person says 99% of the people in his or her district are voting for Mousavi, and hopes the rest of the country is doing the same.

This one (the time in Iran is now around 6:30 pm) says that "I voted for Mousavi but would be happy with Karroubi as the winner too. But I like Karroubi as the Speaker of the Majlis (Parliament); it's more beneficial being there."

A tweet gives a picture of Ahmadinejad voting compared to Mousavi voting here.

This person also says everyone voted for Mousavi where he was.

This tweet seems to give the vote results for Iranians in Australia: total 2473 votes - 2004 for Mousavi, 246 for Ahmadinejad, 148 for Karroubi, 46 for Rezaei.

This one says that 80% of Iranians abroad are voting for Mousavi because of how humiliating it's been to have Ahmadinejad as president.

Results from Singapore
: total 260 votes, 204 for Mousavi, 35 for Karroubi, 17 for Ahmadinejad.

This one says that Mousavi will get 60%+ if there's no trickery, according to Ghalam News.

Edit: it's now after 10 pm and it looks like voting has finally ended after being extended for four hours due to high turnout. Mousavi is going to give a speech in 15 minutes probably about voting irregularities/fraud. In Korea it's past 3 am so it's time for bed for me, which is perfect timing as the wait between voting and the first announcing of results is always the most excruciating.

In the meantime keeping track of a channel like this on Twitter will enable you to get results as soon as they happen.

More tomorrow!


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