Tulsa, Oklahoma gets its first Spanish-language TV station

Monday, June 01, 2009

It's called Teletul, and had been broadcast digitally since last year, but starting yesterday made its way into the regular cable lineup. A post here gives you an idea of what the station was like last year - horribly dubbed English movies, and some weird talk show that apparently can't not be watched for its sheer madness.

An article here gives some information as well as a short video, and it seems that this new station is the only Spanish-only tv station in Tulsa, with a Spanish-speaking population of 100,000, which isn't a bad number to have a more or less complete monopoly over when it comes to local content.

Maybe they could tap into this population to try to improve the Wikipedia page on Tulsa in Spanish? At the moment it has a pitiful four sentences of real information.


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