Mousavi - Rezaei debate, 4 June 2009

Friday, June 05, 2009

Twitter is telling me that the debate is happening now, though doesn't seem to be broadcasting an English translation and here in Korea it's time for bed so I won't be able to do any more looking around for it. If you're interested though check around and see if you can find anything before it ends. There will certainly be articles on the event tomorrow though which I'll include in the election roundup for the day.

I think the only real question for this debate will be what sort of approach Rezaei will adopt, and it will probably be the same one he has adopted all this time - appealing to Ahmadinejad supporters. I don't think it's legal to talk in these debates about opponents that aren't present, but it would still be possible to position himself in order to take advantage of those that would otherwise support a hardliner but are too disappointed with Ahmadinejad this time to hold their nose and vote for him again.

Edit a few hours later: an article with a detailed summary of what the debate was about can be seen here. As expected it was not half as heated as the one the day before with Ahmadinejad. If you can understand Persian you can watch it again starting here.


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