Iran after the elections: 26 June - part 2

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hi - if you're here due to a Twitter update, check the bottom of the post.

I'll be updating this post throughout the day as events warrant.

Right now it's nearing 3 pm in Iran and many people on Twitter are saying that Khamenei did not appear as scheduled; looking for a source to back that up.

It looks like a cleric named Khatami (Ahmed Khatami, not former president Khatami) spoke in his place, saying that protesters should be given capital punishment. now has the following headline:
Means "Supreme Leader cancelled at Friday prayers!"

Someone just uploaded a recent quote from Montazeri:

Translation: "Montazeri warned Khamenei and Ahmadinejad that "when mighty regimes repress the just gatherings of the people, they will fall".

One of the founders of the Revolutionary Guard and a former prime minister gives an interview here on why this is simply a military coup and nothing else.

One note: articles on Iran are pretty plentiful right now, and along with this are numerous examples of good and bad headlines. One example is Ahmadinejad's recent comparison of Obama to Bush.

First the good headline, from Euronews (seen above): Ahmadinejad demands apology from Obama. Ahmadinejad said it, he demanded an apology from Obama, 100% accurate headline.

The next headline is not quite so good: Iranian president demands apology from Obama. Only a very few would make the argument that events have passed and Ahmadinejad is ready to settle into a second term, but the headline could be worse.

How? By writing the following: Iran wants Obama apology. Gack - suddenly Ahmadinejad speaks for Iran? Not only is this last election not going over with the people, the president doesn't even really speak for the country in the first place considering its lack of authority compared to the Supreme Leader.

The Daily Show aired their last piece of Jason Jones' trip to Iran today. Comedy as usual, but gets serious at the end. Canadians can see it here (I think you have to fast-forward two clips though to get to the Jason Jones part though).

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The latest news (from about 6 pm in Stockholm) is that about 150 protesters in Stockholm, Sweden, have stormed the Iranian embassy. Some are saying on Twitter that they've broken in but I haven't seen confirmation of that. You can also see the news på svenska here.

Wired has an article here on some of the technology being used by protesters to get past firewalls. This technology comes from the US, but note that a lot of the technology being used to create the firewalls comes from Germany and Finland, so there's no generalizing this as Iran vs. The West.

Green balloons were launched today in the afternoon as a symbolic (and safe) form of protest.

The Guardian has a first-person account of the atmosphere on the streets of Tehran (and a bit outside the city too) right now.


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