Yet another radio station in the U.S. to switch from English to Spanish

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This time it's a radio station in Chicago. Though I'm usually very pleased to see examples of the English language losing ground to other languages (for two reasons: I don't want to see English becoming a worldwide creole that L1s have no control over, and because it helps advance the argument that we need an IAL for interlinguistic communication) I can't say I approve of the musical direction this station will be taking. Smooth jazz is going to be replaced by crappy "hot adult contemporary". Oh well. One day this butterfly is going to get his wish, and so will I.

The music the current radio station plays will be available at

As expected, the decision is made for demographic reasons - the station is going to go after the Hispanic population in Chicago, which makes up 28% of the city, and hopefully a bit outside of this with the bilingual population as well.


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