Time for a Terminator version of the Hunt for Gollum

Friday, May 22, 2009

Well, Terminator: Salvation has been released and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles won't be getting a third season, so that's all the Terminator we'll be having for the next few years, which is very disappointing. There's talk of trying to get the Sci Fi Channel to pick up TSCC in Fox's place, but if that doesn't go through there's always the possibility of fans simply making their own film in its place, for free. This is the concept behind The Hunt For Gollum and the upcoming Born of Hope, which are made "by fans, for fans" for absolutely no profit at all (because making profit would result in some pretty heavy lawsuits). Fan-made movies like this are generally given a free pass by those that own the copyright, since they result in more interest for the series in the end and thus financially benefit those officially making the movies. Note that while the term "hunt for gollum" was the main benefactor of the movie being made, the term "hobbit" went way up in terms of news volume, as newspapers reporting on the movie also mentioned the upcoming movie, so this is free publicity for the makers of The Hobbit.

So perhaps it's time for Terminator fans to make their own movie as well. What the plot would be is hard to say, but it's probably likely that it wouldn't be centred on John and Sarah Connor simply because it would be too hard to find just the right people for these roles, that would make five John Connors in total, and a movie made by fans generally isn't that long anyway. A good plot might be something similar to the story in TSCC about the Turk, about something that could possibly gain sentience or a project that Skynet has a particular interest in.

I have a personal favourite for someone to play a Terminator: this guy.

He's actually just an announcer for Radio-Canada (the French version of CBC) - last year during the Canadian election there was a debate in French that I was watching, and when I paused it once by chance it stopped at this image, where it looked like he was staring right at me. That guy would make a perfect Terminator.

Let's look for his name...found it! It's Stéphan Bureau, and you can see him moderating another debate here. Not sure how good his English is but if it's good enough then being bilingual could make for some interesting scenes considering the voice replication technology Terminators have. Good, now we just need to draft him to work for free. I'm sure he'll do it.


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