Obama opts out of National Prayer Day

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Oh no!

And in other news, Jesus opts out of National Prayer Day.

Good to see though that a Baptist group is also displeased with the idea of a government-sponsored national day of prayer. As the statement says:

"There is nothing wrong with the American people getting together to pray on a designated day, even public officials," Walker said. "In fact every day should be a day of national prayer. President Obama, like others before him, welcomes prayers for our country and its leadership. He has expressed his personal appreciation for such support, and people of faith feel called to pray for our country.

"The problem with the National Day of Prayer is that it is an official act of the government urging citizens to engage in a religious exercise," Walker said.

Walker said people of faith do not require the government's stamp of approval for their religious practices.

"A day of prayer is more appropriately called for by pastors, rabbis and imams among us -- not civil magistrates, Congress, or even an American president."

Barack Obama has some very well-developed views on the role of religion and government, and as a secular theist myself I agree with him 100%. Here's his most famous speech on the subject. The person who uploaded the video chose the unfortunate title "Barack Obama versus religion" when it's really no such thing: we secular theists know that religion is actually at its best when it's kept at a distance from the government.


Anonymous said...

I am amazed at Obama's anti-Christian beliefs. Obama belongs to a Christian church, and yet when he traveled to Notre Dame to speak, he ordered that all religious symbols be covered by a blanket?!!? Google these terms: notre dame university obama religious symbol

Why are so many countries offended by Christianity. Why is it "politically correct" to publicly endorse Islam, but not Christianity.

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