Nurses from the Philippines to make their way to Norway to work

Monday, May 11, 2009

Klimaet på Filippinene er varmt, fuktig og tropisk. Gjennomsnittstemperaturen ligger på 26.5°C. Det forekommer tre årstider: Tag-init/Tag-araw (den varmeste, fra mars til mai), Tag-ulan (regntiden, fra juni til november), og Taglamig (den kaldeste tiden på året, fra desember til februar). Den sørvestlige monsunen (mai-oktober) er kjent som "habagat", og den nordøstlige monsunens tørre vind (november-april) kalles "amihan".

Interesting article here in Norwegian on a company called OSM People that seems to be a kind of worldwide recruitment service in a number of areas including health, and for this they have set up a program to bring in nurses from the Philippines to work in Norway. Here's part:
With 20 years of experience in the Philippines, OSM has initiated education of Filipino nurses with Norwegian teachers in Norwegian language, culture and health knowledge. Nurses with 4-year education in NOKUT-recognized colleges/universities will start to work in Norway as approved nursing assistants, to be qualified as Norwegian-recognized nurses after a short time.

The Filipino nurses will be a longed for resource in the Norwegian health care system, which has an increasing need for health personnel. Filipinos are well-educated, with quite good English, in addition to the support given to them by OSM People, says the Director for personnel leasing in OSM People, Geir Ranneberg Nilsen.

Many institutions are struggling to obtain summer workers, and the Filipino nurses will be ready to start from the beginning of June and will also be able to go into other fields afterwards.


"As far as we know, this is the first systematic training of any size to qualify Filipino nurses to work in Norway", said Administrative Director Øivind Stærk in OSM People.


OSM People is thinking in the long term in the Philippines in order to be able to offer Filipino nurses that can speak Norwegian in the years to come, says Stærk.
This sounds like a good deal, and it's one reason why Filipinos are welcomed as immigrants in so many other countries around the world. And who knows, maybe some of these nurses will be fluent in Spanish as well (and/or Chavacano) and could later on help out Norway with its Spanish language problem too.


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