Mexico very pleased with Korea's handling of new influenza outbreak

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mexico's currently having one of those "when times are tough you find out who your true friends are" moments, and one of the countries they're very grateful toward at the moment (along with the U.S. too) is Korea. Here's part of an article in Korean here that explains how.

Korean businesses in Mexico are smiling now. When the new strain of influenza emerged and countries around the world fell into a panic and began cancelling flights to Mexico and keeping Mexicans at a distance, the Korean government instead began sending relief aid, creating an atmosphere of friendship toward Korea and Korean businesses.

According to KOTRA on the 17th of May, Korean enterprises meeting with people in Mexico find people thanking them and saying how much they like Koreans, as well as giving them thumbs up on the street...the improvement in Korea's image in Mexico began on the 5th when the Korean government began providing half a million dollars of aid.

There's also a note at the end about trade with Turkey too as an example of how trade can increase when two countries suddenly begin to notice and like each other:

Through an increase in the Korean brand in Turkey the Korea-Turkey export volume went from $870 million in 2002 to $1.374 billion in 2003 (increase of 59%), and then a further increase of 71% to $2.356 billion in 2004.

More recent numbers can be found here. Exports from Korea to Turkey after this were:

2005: $2.8 billion
2006: $2.5 billion in the first 10 months, so probably $3 billion.


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