Honda's hybrid Insight now the most sold car in Japan

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This (in Norwegian) is a welcome piece of news. Eventually cars will switch over to electric so hybrids are simply a step along the way, but being sold this much shows that there's a great interest out there for energy independence, whether personally or as a nation.

Some parts from the article:

Though considered to be an affordable hybrid, the Honda Insight is still more expensive than regular gasoline-powered cars on the market. But this did not stop the Japanese from buying this car which was launched in February.

According to the Japanese Automotive Dealers Association (日本自動車販売協会連合会), 10,481 Insights were sold in April.
You can see the official stats here on their page here (Japanese, automatic translation into English here). 4,906 were sold in February (10th place), 4,088 in March (21st place), and then all of a sudden it shot up to first place the next month. Second place with 9,443 was the Honda Fit.

Back to the article:
Insight has been well received due to the good environmental properties. It is easy and comfortable to drive, and has a good price, says Honda.

It will be interesting to see if Toyota Prius will be able to use the growing interest in Japan for hybrids, when it puts out its new version of the popular Toyota Prius next year.
You can see on the Wikipedia page here that it really is quite inexpensive, at $20,000, and it went on sale in the US in March.


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