New York Times article on Oregon's thirst for electric car makers

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Looks like Oregon's wish to become a new centre for electric car manufacturing has been noticed by the national media as well with this piece from the New York Times. Not only Norway's Think, but also electric cars by Nissan and Mitsubishi might be manufactured there as well. As for the reason why Oregon may be able to pull this off:

So why has Oregon become a hotbed of activity for electric vehicles all of a sudden? Governor Kulongoski is currently pushing a plan before the state legislature to cut some hefty tax breaks for electric vehicle manufacturers who choose to come to Oregon, as well as provide huge tax credits to purchasers of electric cars.
Bribing! But in a very good way.

Just found another video that shows how the Think City is built. It's in Norwegian but it's easy enough to follow along. Note 0:55 in particular. I wonder what he said there?


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