April 2009: Finnish Wikipedia to hit 200,000 articles very soon

Sunday, April 12, 2009


So it should be over the 200,000 mark in perhaps a day or two now. Generally new article creation speeds up a bit as a Wikipedia nears a big mark like this simply because it's fun to bring the Wikipedia to the next "level", and there are usually a few people with some articles ready to submit in the hopes of becoming the 200,000th (or whatever other number) article and getting a bit of attention for that, so as soon as the article count gets really close to the next big number there's usually a flurry of submissions.

The featured article right now is the history of the Dominican Order (Dominikaanien historia).

Besides that there doesn't seem to be much big Wikipedia news re: article counts. Some small bits worth noting though:

Esperanto is now within 6,000 articles of the Volapük Wikipedia, which received a lot of negative attention last year for leaping ahead in number of articles by using a bot. There will probably be a bit of relief there once Esperanto has retaken its "rightful" position.

German is now at 890,000 so it won't be all that long now until it reaches 1 million. Perhaps two more months?

Edit: 12 hours later and it's already well past 200,000. About twice as fast as I had expected.


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