What does Inuktitut sound like?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Inuktitut dialect map with labels in Inuktitut inuujingajut or local roman alphabet. /Carte des dialectes d'Inuktitut avec étiquettes en Inuktitut inuujingajut ou en alphabet latin standard.

I'm still looking for a good video on YouTube or anywhere else of Bislama simply being spoken in a normal and clear context (not a song, not a low-quality recording of someone on the street in the middle of a conversation). Probably the best way to hear a language spoken for the first time is in an informative recording such as a piece of news or something you might hear at a museum, and this account on YouTube has exactly what I'm talking about for Inuktitut. What's even better about the videos there is that the ones with Inuktitut also have a French and/or English video of the exact same subject, making it easy to compare.

(Vanuatu government officials, how about making something like this in English, French and Bislama?)

Here's one of them. First French:

then English:

then Inuktitut:

That's perfect. Here's another example. First French:

then Inuktitut:

How about it, Vanuatu? I think I'll email someone in the government there and see what they say.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Thanks for posting the Inuktitut versions.

Kevin said...

Very nice. Thanks for posting the Inuktitut versions.

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