Papiamentu gets a free pass into Google News

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is kind of cool - thanks to Radio Nederland Wereldomroep, which creates news in Papiamentu along with a number of other languages, you can sometimes find news in Papiamentu on Google News. As an example, here are the search results for the word Papiamentu today:

So that's a total of one article in English, one in German, one in Dutch, and two in Papiamentu. The top one in Papiamentu is this article:

Radio Hoyer 2, e promé emisora di radio kompletamente na hulandes na Kòrsou, a kumpli eksaktamente 50 aña dia 10 di mart último. Sinku aña promé a funda Hoyer 1, e emisora mama. Ademas, e luna akí tambe ta hasi 25 aña ku Radio Hoyer a pasa pa energia solar komo promé emisora na mundu, ku su transmishonnan riba FM.
It seems to be about Radio Hoyer 2, a radio station in Cursao which is now 50 years old and has been using solar power for the last 25 years for its world and FM broadcasts.

Unfortunately the mp3 link on these articles is only in Dutch, which is okay if you know Dutch and want to make sure what the article in Papiamentu means, but it would still be nice to see an mp3 of these articles in Papiamentu as well so that people can compare text with the spoken word.

So if you know a bit of Papiamentu and are looking for some information in the language you might want to try doing a search on Google News to see what comes up. Words like otronan (others), trabou (work, I think), and vishon (vision) are only in Papiamentu so you're bound to find something when doing a search with words like these that don't appear in other languages.


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