"Mr. Jung, How do you think about this marketing strategy?"

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Yesterday while waiting for the subway I noticed a somewhat famous ad for an English school (or maybe not a school, see below) here in Korea:

This school's marketing campaign (they have a few other ads like this one) is based on showing Koreans interacting with English people and not being able to say what they want (ergo: you should study some more English) when an English speaker comes along. The problem with this ad? She doesn't seem to know English either.

"Mr. Jung, How do you think about this marketing strategy?"

Ouch. It should be what do you think of course, and no capitalization of the W either.

Mr. Jung is all flustered, and says "Umm, Yes. Yes. Yes..." while thinking 왜 날 보고 얘기하는 거여??? (Why is she talking to me???) Unfortunately for the ad, since she doesn't even know the correct usage of what and how it's possible she completely garbled her presentation and Mr. Jung (who actually speaks fluent English) is just flabbergasted that she would ask a question after babbling on incomprehensibly for the past ten minutes or so.

The company's name is 오디션 잉글리시 (Audition English). I'm not sure if it's a school or a series of books or what. Audition English brings you to this page, which claims to be an online immersion game.


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