Government workers in Jeju-do will need to know English to gain wait, that title is completely false

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dumb headline here:

제주 공무원,영어 못하면 승진 못한다
Government workers can't get promoted if they don't know English!

Well well, time to start learning English! But wait a second...if you actually read the article it says that government workers need to know foreign languages (외국어) to gain promotions.
...외국어 능력 최저기준은 영어의 경우 토익기준 500점 이상, 중국어와 일본어는 어학능력 검정 50점 이상이다.
The minimum score needed for English is 500 points on TOEIC, and for Chinese and Japanese they need at least 50 points on a language ability test.

Luckily, some articles have written the headline properly:
제주 공무원 외국어 못하면 승진 못한다
(=Government workers can't get promoted if they don't know foreign languages)

The cartoonist has also misread the article:

The title of the article was automatically suspicious considering that Jeju-do is the only place in Korea with visa exemptions for people from the PRK, because it's not connected to the mainland. It's also a big tourist destination for Japanese people. Considering all that it would be ridiculous to make English the only required language for government employees there.


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