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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Am 21. August 1965 wurde die Sozialistische Republik Rumänien ausgerufen. Führender Mann des Landes wurde Nicolae Ceauşescu, der nach dem Tod von Gheorghiu-Dej das Amt des Generalsekretärs der Kommunistischen Partei übernommen hatte.

...edits, that is:

1 000 000+ articles

Language Language (local) Articles Total Edits Users
1 English English 2,791,250 16,077,950 292,180,037 9,181,259

100 000+ articles

Language Language (local) Articles Total Edits Users
2 German Deutsch 878,566 2,516,754 59,990,034 719,794
3 French Français 777,540 3,066,342 41,374,281 563,636
4 Polish Polski 587,249 1,026,738 17,073,870 258,856
5 Japanese 日本語 570,177 1,452,369 25,315,426 292,307
6 Italian Italiano 549,189 1,651,330 24,886,013 364,819
7 Dutch Nederlands 524,816 1,226,114 16,381,755 223,356
8 Portuguese Português 465,700 1,809,952 14,685,222 518,603
9 Spanish Español 453,182 1,585,060 26,283,579 1,001,223
10 Russian Русский 368,433 1,335,940 14,866,610 241,752

There's always a bit of a delay on that list, and if you look at the German Wikipedia's raw stats here you can see that they've already passed 60 million.

Though bots travelling from wiki to wiki to update links can also inflate edits to a certain extent, overall the number of edits is usually a better sign of the quality of a Wikipedia than the number of articles, which is why the Spanish Wikipedia is actually a much better quality Wikipedia than you might first be led to believe upon seeing that it's only in 9th place, below even Dutch and Polish. In terms of quality though the Spanish Wikipedia is about tied with Italian and Japanese.

German has actually been in about the same place for the last few years, always in second place, and always with about 100,00 more articles than French and about 50% more edits.

In other news, the German-language newspaper Allgemeine Deutsche Zeitung fur Rumanien in Romania has turned 60. I should have guessed this by the title alone, but the only way the magazine could be 60 years old would be if it had a socialist bent, meaning that it was first produced by East Germany until the two countries united and the name was changed to the current one. The old name was Neuer Weg.


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