The best place to walk in Dalhousie, Calgary (Canada)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just in case you ever find yourself in Calgary and at Dalhousie Station on a nice day with nothing to do for an hour or two, I've created a map of a walking route I know very well. Dalhousie has a subtle charm that isn't obvious at first, and can only be seen when you spend a lot of time wandering about the paths behind the houses there. Here's one example of a good route:

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So if you're at Dalhousie Station you first find your way up the hill (this part is not all that charming so bear with it for a bit) then cross the street, and this is where it gets good. Then you enter the pathways between the houses and make your way north, going straight forward for some time. After that you'll cross a very small street and once again enter a pathway in between houses that will go up, around and then back again, and the part where the path splits into two is the best part IMO, as this is where the back yards of some four or five houses converge together in a tiny swath of nature. The house with the largest yard (the one just north of the fork) is awesome and I've always wanted to buy it. I doubt it's for sale. Then you make your way around, go back down the path and across the small street again, and then for some variety on the way back take a left, continue straight ahead until you reach that larger park (looks greener on the map but I actually don't like it as much because it's more of a dog-walking, kids-playing kind of place) where you turn right, continue south for a bit and then take another right later on to get back into the quiet paths behind the houses, whereupon you then take another left to get back to the main road, then cross it and head back to the station where there's a Starbucks and a Chapters if you feel like taking a break before you get back on the train.

And that's just one of many routes. There's a nearly unlimited number of combinations for routes you can use when you feel like walking around the area for an hour or so.


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