Why music is so important when making a video / movie

Monday, February 02, 2009

This is kind of fun. First, remember the 80s comedy show Perfect Strangers?

Now see what happens with a tiny bit of editing and a change of music into Requiem for a Tower (Lux Aeterna):

Looks like Requiem for a Tower makes anything epic. Okay then, how about the reverse? I don't feel like creating and uploading a whole new video to illustrate the point so we'll have to use two videos. The first one is the trailer for The Dark Knight, and the second one is a cover of the theme for Friends, so turn the volume down on the first video, keep it up on the second and watch them both at the same time. All of a sudden the epic atmosphere behind the Dark Knight turns into "Wow, look at that neat Bat-Bike! And everything's blowing up! And the smashing glass, plus a clown and his friends too! Man, can't that group of chums keep things from blowing up for a second? I'd better check out this crazy flick!"


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