Next Wikipedia soon to hit 100,000 articles: Indonesian

Monday, February 02, 2009

Obama kemudian bersekolah di SD Santo Fransiskus Asisi di Tebet, lalu pindah ke SDN Menteng 1 (sekarang SD Besuki) di Menteng hingga ia berusia 10 tahun. Saat ini Obama masih dapat berbicara bahasa Indonesia dengan tingkat dasar.

It's not quite there at the finish line, but the Indonesian Wikipedia is rapidly approaching 100,000 articles and unless there's a sudden spurt of growth (= using a bot) in another Wikipedia it should be next. At the moment it's at 97,316 articles. You can see a discussion on reaching 100,000 articles here (don't forget that Google now can translate from Indonesian to English) from late last year and there are probably a few more.


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