More brilliant octopuses escaping from tanks and making their way about on land

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This video is of an unrelated octopus but is still pretty amazing.

Here's another article showing just how intelligent octopuses can be. I had another post on one earlier this month that was also pretty amazing. It turns out that this octopus found a way to escape his tank, hide for five days and he almost made it out the door.

Last month Sid mysteriously vanished from his tank at a Dunedin aquarium.

Five days later, he was spotted by a staff member making a dash for the door.

Sid had been hiding out in a drain, which pumps fresh sea water into the aquarium.

He was persuaded back into his tank. He was hungry but otherwise OK.

Since he seems bored with his surroundings they've decided to release him to the wild so that he can get some more fulfillment in his life.

Another octopus also tried something similar:

Another octopus named Harry - after Harry Houdini - escaped from the same tank.

He was found halfway up a staircase.


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