Le Monde Diplomatique begins publication in Turkish

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nice! I had no idea. I don't see a link to the Turkish version yet on this page though.

Dünyanın en saygın yayınlarından Le Monde Diplomatique de, Türkiye de Türkçe çıkmaya başladı.
One of the most respected publications in the world, Le Monde Diplomatique, has also started publishing in Turkish.
Ayda bir yayımlanan ve Fransızca’nın dışında 74 dil ve ülkede çıkıp 2.4 milyon okuyucuya ulaşan Le Monde Diplomatique, Türkiye’de Doğu Batı Araştırmaları Enstitüsü tarafından yayımlanacak.
Le Monde Diplomatique, which publishes to 2.4 million readers every month in 74 languages and countries outside of French, will be published by the East-West Research Institute in Turkey.

Looks like they even have an edition in Esperanto here. I see there's still a Klaku button on the bottom even though Klaku has now closed. That leaves a fairly large hole that can be filled by another upcoming site, or perhaps on somewhere like Reddit.


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