International Space Station to be extended until at least 2020

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Li International Spacie-Station videt del departent Spacie-Navette Endeavour durante li mission STS-126.

So says this site here. I generally prefer spending money on robotic exploration and new and snazzy telescopes that can discover new things over a lifespan of a decade or two, but since we've barely just gotten to the point that the ISS is almost done (and finally this year the number of crew members is going to go from three to six, which apparently will help a great deal in carrying out science instead of just working on the station itself all the time) it would be silly to just use it for another five years and then stop, so this is good news. That site agrees with me too:
Postponing the retirement of the ISS back 5 years seems reasonable provided there is no structural damage, and it is a safe environment to work in. For all the money and time that the partners have poured into the ISS, they deserve to get some lasting value.


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