Elaine asks Kramer: you got a comfort problem there?

Friday, February 20, 2009

A good thing about Google Translate (and other translation services) is that even though the translation often ends up pretty weird it's usually good enough that you can follow along, so if you can find the subtitles in the original language you can just plug them in and end up with a pretty good idea of the movie's plot as long as the language they use isn't full of too much slang or other weirdness.

Watching Seinfeld right now with these subtitles and sometimes they are a bit weird too. Here's Elaine asking Kramer about his underwear: "You got a comfort problem there?"

That that actually means is "is there a comfort woman problem there?" (거기에 위안부 문제 있나?) Comfort woman usually denotes a prostitute forced to serve the military.

For some reason it also translates "hey" as 야합니다. It's clearly taking hey (야, ya) and for some reason putting 합니다 (polite form of the verb to do) after. 야하다 also means sexy though so it sounds like a formal way to call something sexy.

And so on ad infinitum. Considering the huge number of languages it's available in and the fact that machine translation hasn't existed for long though it's naturally great to have so I'm not complaining.


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