Completely random colloquial Persian expressions: part 1

Friday, February 06, 2009

No Country For Old Men (جایی برای پیرمردها نیست) - not the movie I have the script from.

Lucky me, I've obtained a script of an Iranian movie that's only about a decade old, and it's full of useful expressions. I'll write out the ones that I can both understand and deem to be useful in a few posts here, in no particular order whatsoever. I won't tell the name of the movie though until someone can guess it.

I'm also going to write out what I believe the non-colloquial version to be, but don't take that as being accurate until I've had it checked by someone that knows the language. The part in the middle column though is straight from the script so it'll only be wrong if the script has a typo and I don't notice. Pronunciation isn't 100% guaranteed to be correct either.

Why over there? What's going on?
اونجا چرا؟ چی شده؟
Unjâ cherâ? Chi shode?
آنجا چرا؟ چه شده؟
َAre you making fun?
متلک می گی؟

See you.
می نینمت

Me too.
من هم همین طور
Man ham hamintour.

What was your name?
اسم شما چی بود؟
Esm-e-shomâ chi bud?

Could I have a few minutes of your time?
می تونم چند دقیقه وقتتو بگیرم؟

می توانم چند دقیقه وقتت زا بگیرم؟
Sure, it doesn't matter.
باشه... اشکالی نداده

باش است... اشکالی ندارد
How come you don't use an accent?
چطور لهجه نداری؟

So your English is that good?
یعنی این قدر انگلیسی ات خوبه؟

یعنی این قدر انگلیسی ات خوب است؟
Say something.
یه چیزی بگو

یک چیزی بگو
Look, can I borrow a few books from you?
ببین، من می تونم چند تا کتاب ازت قرض کنم؟

ببین، من می توانم چند تا کتاب ازت قرض کنم؟ can take as many as you like.
حتماً... هرچند تا می خواهی ببر


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