Christian Bale's rant on set results in a ton of publicity for Terminator 4

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Yesterday Christian Bale called in to a radio show to explain the situation in which the rant happened and to apologize, and it looks like the issue's now over and done with, so no harm done. What's interesting though is the publicity it's brought to the upcoming movie as well. I'm a huge Terminator fan so I'm happy to see people anticipate its release in any shape or form. First, take a look at the number of hits on the Terminator 4 page on Wikipedia in December:

You can see that it had an average of 400-600 hits a day for the month except for one time in the middle and a bit after that, which is when they released the trailer.

A similar thing happened in January:

This was a shorter spike in traffic, due to them releasing a number of new pics of the movie.

Okay, what about early February then? February so far looks like this:

Looks like a new record in daily traffic for the page (at least over the last three months), and a more gradual drop in traffic after the event than in January, so it looks to have been as effective for publicizing the movie as releasing the trailer was. Not bad at all. Since there's less time now until the movie actually comes out, it's possible that the daily traffic it maintains from now on could be a bit above the average in January. Now the discussion has moved over a bit from the released recording to the movie itself, such as this article about James Cameron's opinion of the new movie.

By the way, I'm not at all implying that releasing this was intentional, just glad that an incident like this has resulted in this much publicity for a movie series I like so much.


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