30-second trailer for the new Star Trek movie; fingers crossed that the movie does well in Korea

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I don't live in the US so the only news I saw on the Super Bowl was online (I did find a video of that final touchdown though), but apparently there's a new trailer for the new Star Trek movie that was aired during the game:

I have no idea how good the movie is going to be but I really hope that it's popular here, for one good reason: absolutely nobody knows anything about Star Trek in Korea. Very strange, considering the love for things like Starcraft and even Star Wars when Episode III came out. Then again, there hasn't been a Star Trek movie for quite some time (2002) and the last one that came out wasn't even that good. Plus I refuse to believe that what happened to Data actually happened. Only things that happened within the show itself are canon IMO; the rest is always altered somewhat to try to get more people to watch the movie.

But if the movie is popular here in Korea then we'll probably finally get to see some interest in the other shows like The Next Generation, and that means I'll be able to just direct people to where to find the shows + where to download the subtitles in Korean, instead of having to explain the way the show works and why it's so good all by myself.

Heroes is quite popular here, so having Zachary Quinto as Spock should definitely help.


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