President Obama's Weekly Address from January 24 2009 with subtitles in Occidental

Sunday, January 25, 2009

President Obama put out his first weekly address since the inauguration yesterday, and it looks like a great candidate to translate into Occidental: lots of people are watching it, it's free of copyright, and there shouldn't be any problems with translating the terminology into Occidental (usually formal language is easier). I've uploaded the video already and will be adding to it bit by bit; it should be done in about a day. After it's done I'll probably ask better Occidentalists than me to correct it or suggest improvements.

Edit a few hours later: damn, that was quick! Note to self: weekly addresses by Obama are easy to translate. I might have to make this a weekly event if they all turn out like this. Here's the weekly address in full:

We begin this year and this Administration in the midst of an unprecedented crisis that calls for unprecedented action.
Noi comensa ti annu e ti administration in un crise sin precedent, quel necessita action sin precedent.
Just this week, we saw more people file for unemployment than at any time in the last twenty-six years, and experts agree that if nothing is done, the unemployment rate could reach double digits.Just ci semane, noi videt plu mult homes solicitant mult ínemployament-moné quam qualcunc témpore in li ultima 26 annus, e expertes concorda que si noi fa nequó, ínemployament vell posser atinger duplic ciffres.
Our economy could fall $1 trillion short of its full capacity, which translates into more than $12,000 in lost income for a family of four.Nor economie vell posser restar $1 trillion mancant de su tot capacitá, significant plu quam $12,000 de revenú perdit por un familie de quar persones.
And we could lose a generation of potential, as more young Americans are forced to forgo college dreams or the chance to train for the jobs of the future.E noi vell posser perdir un generation de potentiale, durante que yun Americanes deve renunciar esperas por colegia o li opportunitá a educar se por li ocupationes del futur.
In short, if we do not act boldly and swiftly, a bad situation could become dramatically worse.Curtmen, si noi ne acte corageosimen e rapidmen, un mal situation vell devenir dramaticmen plu mal.
That is why I have proposed an American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan to immediately jumpstart job creation as well as long-term economic growth.Pro to yo ha proposit un Plan de Resanation e Reinvestitura American por stimular ínmediatmen labor-creation anc crescentie economic in li long termine.
I am pleased to say that both parties in Congress are already hard at work on this plan, and I hope to sign it into law in less than a month.Yo joya a dir que ambi partises in Congress ja es laborant fortmen sur ti plan, e yo espera a signar it quam decrete ante que un mensu passa.

It’s a plan that will save or create three to four million jobs over the next few years,It es un plan quel va salvar o crear tri a quar million positiones in employament durante li quelc sequent annus,
and one that recognizes both the paradox and the promise of this moment e es un plan quel reconosse e li paradox e li promesse de ci moment:
the fact that there are millions of Americans trying to find work even as, all around the country, there’s so much work to be facte que hay milliones de americanes qui sercha por labor, in li sam témpore que in li tot land hay talmen mult labor a far.

That’s why this is not just a short-term program to boost employment. Pro to ci ne es solmen un programma de curt témpore por augmentar employament;
It’s one that will invest in our most important priorities like energy and education; health care and a new infrastructure that are necessary to keep us strong and competitive in the 21st century.It es un programma quel va investir in nor max important prioritás, quam energie e education; cuida de sanitá e un nov infrastructura por mantener nos fort e competitiv in li 21im centennie.

Today I’d like to talk specifically about the progress we expect to make in each of these areas.

Hodie yo vole parlar specificmen pri li progresse quel noi expecta a far in chascun de ti areas.

To accelerate the creation of a clean energy economy, we will double our capacity to generate alternative sources of energy like wind, solar, and biofuels over the next three years. Por accelerar li creation de un economie de energie pur, noi va duplicar nor capacitá a generar alternativ fontes de energie, quam vente, solari, e bio-combustibiles in li sequent tri annus.

We’ll begin to build a new electricity grid that lay down more than 3,000 miles of transmission lines to convey this new energy from coast to coast. Noi va comensar li creation de un nov grid de electricitá quel va installar plu quam 4,800 kilometres de transmission-lineas por transportar ti energie de costa a costa.

We’ll save taxpayers $2 billion a year by making 75% of federal buildings more energy efficient,
Noi va sparniar impostatores $2 milliard chascun annu per far 75% de edificies federal plu energie-eficient,
and save the average working family $350 on their energy bills by weatherizing 2.5 million homes.e va sparniar $350 por chascun laborant familie in lor payamentes de energie per tempe-protection de 2.5 million hemes.
To lower health care cost, cut medical errors, and improve care, we’ll computerize the nation’s health record in five years, Por reducter li custa de cuida de sanitá, decupar errores medical, e ameliorar cuida, noi va computatorisar li archive de sanitá del nation in quin annus,
saving billions of dollars in health care costs and countless lives. quel va sparniar milliardes de dollares in custas por cuida de sanitá, e va salvar vivis in grand númeres.
And we’ll protect health insurance for more than 8 million Americans who are in danger of losing their coverage during this economic downturn.E noi va gardar assecurantie de sanitá por plu quam 8 million americanes qui es in dangere de perdir su covrage durante ci cade economic.
To ensure our children can compete and succeed in this new economy, we’ll renovate and modernize 10,000 schools, building state-of-the-art classrooms, libraries, and labs to improve learning for over five million students. Por far cert que nor filies posse competir e successar in ci nov economie, noi va renovar e modernisar 10,000 scolas, constructent li max modern salas de classe, bibliotecas e laboratorias por ameliorar li studie de plu quam quin million studiantes.

We’ll invest more in Pell Grants to make college affordable for seven million more students,Noi va plu investir in Pell-Stipendies por far colegia plu disponibil por sett million studiantes plu,
provide a $2,500 college tax credit to four million students, and triple the number of fellowships in science to help spur the next generation of innovation.furnir un credite de impostes de $2,500 a quar million studiantes, e triplicar li númere de membratus in scientie por dar un ímpetu al sequent generation de innovation.
Finally, we will rebuild and retrofit America to meet the demands of the 21st century. Finalmen, noi va reconstructer e retroequipar America por satisfar li besones del 21im centennie.
That means repairing and modernizing thousands of miles of America’s roadways and providing new mass transit options for millions of Americans. To significa li reparation e modernisation de pluri mill kilometres del strades de America, e provider optiones de masse-transite por pluri million americanes.
It means protecting America by securing 90 major ports and creating a better communications network for local law enforcement and public safety officials in the event of an emergency. To significa defender America per securar 90 portus majori, e crear un plu bon retage de communication por policie local e public oficiales de securitá in un casu urgent.
And it means expanding broadband access to millions of Americans, so business can compete on a level-playing field, wherever they’re located.E to significa li expansion de internet de alt velocitá a milliones de americanes, por que comercie posse competir in un camp egal, sin egardant lor location.
I know that some are skeptical about the size and scale of this recovery plan. Yo save que existe tis qui es suspectiv pri li grandore e gradu de ci plan de resanation.
I understand that skepticism, which is why this recovery plan must and will include unprecedented measures that will allow the American people to hold my Administration accountable for these results. Yo comprende ti suspection, e pro to ci plan de resanation deve, e va includer mesuras sin precedent queles far que li popul american va posser mantener mi Administration responsabil por ti resultates.
We won’t just throw money at our problems - we’ll invest in what works. Noi ne va solmen jettar moné a nor problemas - noi va investir in to quo functiona bon.
Instead of politicians doling out money behind a veil of secrecy, decisions about where we invest will be made public, and informed by independent experts whenever possible. In vice de politicos distribuent moné detra un vele de secretitá, li decisiones pri u noi va investir va esser public, e informat per expertes índependent quandecunc possibil.
We’ll launch an unprecedented effort to root out waste, inefficiency, and unnecessary spending in our government, Noi va lansar un efortie sin precedent por eradicar superfluitá, ínefficientie, e ínnecessi expenses in nor guvernament,
and every American will be able to see how and where we spend taxpayer dollars by going to a new website called chascun american va posser vider qualmen e u noi usa li dollares de impostatores per vader a un nov website nominat
No one policy or program will solve the challenges we face right now, nor will this crisis recede in a short period of time.Ne existe un sol plan de action o programma quel va soluer li desfacilitás nu contra nos, ni va receder ci crise in un curt periode de témpore.
But if we act now and act boldly; if we start rewarding hard work and responsibility once more;Ma si noi acte nu, e acte audacimen; si ancor un vez noi comensa a recompensar labor solid e responsabilitá;
if we act as citizens and not partisans and begin again the work of remaking America, si noi acte quam citeanes e ne partisanes, e denov comensa li labor de recrear America,
then I have faith that we will emerge from this trying time even stronger and more prosperous than we were before. Thanks for listening.alor yo crede que noi va aparir de ti témpore de provas mem plu fort e plu prósperi quam noi alquande esset antey. Mersí pro vor attention.


Anonymous said...

Bondie car Dave!
Yo hav solmen du remarcs:
In li §2: "aplicar por" es un anglicism (to apply for). Vice, yo proposi "sollicitar".
E, partù, un americanism! Tu usa "billion" vice "milliard" (Yo credit que li canadians parlat anglese britannic!). Ne augmenta li debite del USA!


Anonymous said...

Ples atenter:

"Noi comensa ci annu e ci administration"


"Noi comensa ti annu e ti administration"


"Noi comensa ti-ci annu e ti-ci administration"

Me said...

Bon, yo ha fat li corectiones.

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