New group for Occidental on Google Groups: Lingue International

Friday, January 16, 2009

After someone suggested the idea on Auxlang today I decided to create a group for Occidental on Google Groups. There was already one with the title Occidental but it was seemingly dead and I have no idea whether the administrator is keeping an eye on it so I decided to create a new one called Lingue International.

The only reason I signed up for Yahoo! in 2005 was because I had just started learning Ido and found out that pretty much all the activity in the language took place there, so there was no choice. Luckily the Occidental group on Yahoo! doesn't have much activity so it's easy to just create a new one on Google Groups.

Here's why Google Groups is MUCH better:

- No encoding problems. Yahoo! Groups messages always show up garbled.
- Easier to upload files and see them when you've uploaded them. You can also create individual pages to complement the group.
- Localization: I've already turned the menu and the messages the group sends out into Occidental instead of English:

I would recommend using Google Groups instead of Yahoo! for anyone else creating / promoting a language.


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