Irish / Gaelige edition of Facebook to appear in a few months

Monday, January 12, 2009

Percentage de parlatores de gaelige per comtia del republica; li six comtias de Nord Irland es considerat quam un.

Here's the story.

The website’s operator created an application allowing users to translate Facebook into their own dialects. The Irish-language version is under way and should be completed in a few months.

Some 278 Irish language enthusiasts have already translated at least one phrase, while a similar number are using Irish as their default setting on the social networking site. More than 8,500 phrases, including all of Facebook’s core terms, have been translated, even terms such as “poke”, “tag” and “profile”.

Some other languages that are still undergoing translation:

Facebook, or Feidhmchlair as it is known in Irish, has been transcribed into 40 languages including Catalan, Polish and French. More than 60 languages are being converted, including Esperanto, Welsh and Afrikaans.

Weird though that among those almost 300 volunteer translators not a single person has created a page on the Irish Wikipedia about Facebook.

(of course for all we know there could be a page at that link tomorrow)


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see 제주사투리 and 大阪べん。

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