Ido and Interlingua mentioned in newspaper article

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Relative weight given to the other two languages in the article is similar to this (maybe even less)

It's an article about Esperanto, but it also happens to mention that there are other planned languages out there:
Today, Esperanto is the most widely spoken "planned international auxiliary language" — of which there are several, including Ido and Interlingua — claiming up to two million speakers worldwide. That includes approximately 1000 so-called "native" speakers, usually the children of parents with different native languages who have spoken this common adopted tongue since birth.
Glad to see the other two making up the "big three" mentioned there as well.

Everything else in the article is mostly what you'd expect: what Esperantists do, why the language was created, estimates for number of speakers, etc.


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