Even Korean buddhist temples have an opinion on the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Took these at Bongeunsa in Seoul, which is located right in front of COEX and a great place to find friendly cats.

The pictures aren't very good so here's what it says:

Did Israel Forget Nazi's Holocaust?
이스라엘은 팔레스타인 민간인 살상을 멈추어야한다. <-- Translation: "Israel must stop the massacre of Palestinians"
Stop The Massacre Of The Innocent Palestinian Civilians Right Now.

There's actually a rationale behind a Buddhist temple here taking a political position, because: Israel has a large number of allies within the GOP --> the current president of Korea is a Christian big business kind of guy that would probably be a GOP member if he was American --> plus he and the Buddhist community don't get along with each other very well at all. That makes it a pretty safe bet that the Jogye Buddhist Order here is not going to be a fan of anything that reminds them of the current president.


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