Latin Wikipedia approaching 25,000 articles as of late December 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

That's 5,000 new pages since May when they reached 20,000. They're currently at 24,982 pages. At the time in May I wrote the following:

Their Taberna is written almost all in English by the way, but that's what happens when you have a language without any native speakers.
So let's see what the current Taberna is like seven months later. There are 98 topic threads since August on the one page, and of those:
  • 69 are in all English, including those with a simple Latin greeting because that doesn't count as really using the language. Note that a lot of these threads are questions about the language though so they're still on topic.
  • 4 are mostly in English, with a few lines here and there in Latin.
  • 4 are about half and half.
  • 1 is in mostly Latin with some English.
  • 17 are in all Latin.
  • 2 are in mostly English and French.
  • 1 is in Spanish, Latin and English.
That's a rough summary. You can find a few bits of other languages too such as Dutch, but for the most part that's how the Taberna is divided up. I didn't do a numerical check last time so I can't be certain but there seems to be a bit more Latin in use on the Taberna than last time.

5,000 new articles over seven months is a very respectable rate for a language like Latin; that's 23 new pages per day.


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