Latin is third-most taught language in public schools in North Carolina after Spanish and French

Thursday, December 04, 2008

All the info from the Latin Wikipedia on the state: "Carolina Septentrionalis est civitas Civitatium Foederatarum Americae. Tres praesides Americae in Carolina Septentrionalis nati sunt: Andreas Jackson, Iacobus Polk, et Andreas Johnson. Dolley, uxor praesidis Iacobi Madison, hac in civitate etiam nata est."

That's the most interesting piece of information from an article here on Latin education:

The number of students taking Advanced Placement Latin exams has risen 50 percent this decade, reaching 8,700 in 2007.

More than 150,000 students in the United States applied to take the National Latin Exam in 2008, compared to 6,000 in 1977.

Latin is the third-most-taught foreign language in North Carolina public schools, after Spanish and French.

as well as class sizes from the one school featured in the article:

Karen Tharrington, the former Second Language department chairwoman at Wakefield, credits Guy's enthusiasm with stimulating interest in Latin at the North Raleigh school.

What started with one class of 25 students has expanded into 150 students a semester with a second Latin teacher hired to handle the demand.


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