The economy's bad, you run a small company with some overseas business. You might want to consider translating your site into Interlingua.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Economia es le scientia que investiga le maniera et le leges secundo le qual le societates organisa et realisa le production, le distribution et le consumption del ricchessas material.

Here's something that generally only IAL (international auxiliary language) advocates know of: there's a constructed language out there called Interlingua, that was designed to be especially easy to read at first sight and as a result it's for the most part immediately recognizable to those that speak a Romance language (especially Spanish, Portuguese and Italian), and their official site offers free translations into the language for certain sites. Those running a small business that could benefit from having a site easier to comprehend for people in places like Central to South America, Europe and Africa, might be interested in this.

To get an idea of how easy the language is to understand, take a look at the following sentence:
Le unic compensation que le Servicio de Traductiones require es le inclusion de un ligamine (link) al sito del Union Mundial pro Interlingua.
That means: The only (unique) compensation that the Service of Translations requires is the inclusion of a link to the site of the Union Mundial pro Interlingua (The World Union for Interlingua)

Even an English speaker can understand most of that. So the union offers free translation into a language that a couple hundred million people can understand, and in exchange their language becomes a bit better known to the general public.

Here's what they translate:
  • sitos web (web sites)
  • articulos scientific (scientific articles)
  • manuales (manuals)
  • communicatos de pressa (press releases)
  • etc.
And the conditions:

Traductiones es offerite gratuitemente a sitos web sub le sequente conditiones:(translations are offered free to web sites under the following conditions)
  1. le sito es scribite in solmente un o duo linguas; (the site is written in only one or two languages)
  2. le sito attrahe un bon quantitate de personas diarimente; (the site attracts a good quantity of people daily)
  3. le contento del sito non es multo extense e non es subjecte a actualisationes multo frequente. (the content of the site isn't too extensive and isn't subject to frequent renewals)

Reason 1 is so that the Interlingua translation isn't lost in a sea of languages, reason 2 is self-explanatory, and reason 3 is because a translation that quickly gets lost in a lot of other posts isn't worth doing either.

Okay, so do people actually take them up on their offer? Actually, some do. The official home page for the German town of Kirchheimbolanden has a page in Interlingua on the town, as does the Swedish village of Äskhult, and a village called Borno Pro Loco in Italy.

A translation into Interlingua of the home page of one's business probably won't turn out to be a huge game-changer in a competitive world, but it could help a bit with those that are thinking of translating their site into another language but don't want to pay / don't have the funds to spare for a translator. So bookmark the link if you think your company or your friend's company might be interested.


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