Bulgarian astronomers discover new asteroid: 2008 WN96, may be named Levski / Български астрономи откриха нов астероид в съзвездието Бик

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The new asteroid was discovered somewhere around here.

Not the biggest piece of news, but I like seeing smaller nations make contributions to astronomy and space development as a whole so here it is.
The object is 2 km in diameter and presently situated in the inner parts of the main asteroid belt, making its full turn around the Sun for a period of 3.2 years, scientists said.

The asteroid has temporarily been dubbed 2008 WN96 by the international organization at Harvard.

According to reports the Bulgarian asteroid must be given a name by December 20 and now Levski is the most favored name, although not the final proposal.
You can also see a Bulgarian news article on the same subject automatically translated by Google here, or if you can read Bulgarian here's the original article (Българи откриха нов астероид <-- Bulgarians discover new asteroid).


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