Perception of the U.S. economy and travel intentions of U.S. households, in Papiamentu

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here's a bit of info on travel intentions of US citizens, as reported by Telecuracao in Papiamentu. This station always has a ton of content on YouTube and every once in a while you can find a video with a certain amount of written Papiamentu as well which is a good way to get a feel for the language compared to its orthography. This video has a small part with a written section (slightly different from what is actually spoken but still helpful in following along) starting at about 0:50:

78% ta pensa ku ekonomia sea ta kaba, of lo kai den un periodo di reseshon den e siguiente seis lunanan.
Kasi 50 porshentu di e populashon tin impreshon ku nan situashon finansiero a deteroria kompara ku un ana pasa.
57% di e populashon a kambia nan plan di vakashon.
70% ta plania pa pasa nan vakashon na Merka mes.
36% ta opta pa un trep ku barku pa Karibe of Mexico.
Make sure to note that of comes from Dutch and means or, not of. E also means the, not and.


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