Korean Wikipedia passes 80,000 articles

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Back in 2005 when I first started editing Wikipedia and learning Ido, the Korean Wikipedia was around 8,000 articles or so and I think the Ido Wikipedia even surpassed it once, though maybe that was another one. Can't remember anymore. I've always been disappointed at the small size of the Korean Wikipedia considering how wired this country is, but most of that comes from the dominance of Naver, which has pretty much no interest in giving Wikipedia the time of day. Sometimes you'll find a Wikipedia link in the search results, but you have to scroll down about twice to get to that part.

I get the impression that it's finally starting to reach a critical volume though, as there are now times that their Wikipedia will be the largest source of information on a subject. Take for example the KTX-2 article, much more detailed and straightforward than a lot of the news reports on the train today, and shows like 무한도전 have some incredibly detailed pages. Sure, it's just pop culture and perhaps a good example of wikigroaning (when for example you find that an article on a Star Trek computer model is more detailed than one on a real-life computer model or something along those lines) but the fact remains that for a really detailed article on the show you have to come to Wikipedia; Naver alone won't cut it.


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