Images from the Moon from India's Chandrayaan-1 mission released

Monday, November 17, 2008

What fun, we have some images to look at. Here's one:

This is the picture of moon's surface taken from lunar orbit by Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft's Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC) on November 15, 2008. Taken over the polar region of the moon, the picture shows many large and numerous small craters. The bright terrain on the lower left is the rim of 117 km wide Moretus crater.

Another article here at goes over the psychological impact of the Moon mission on the people of the country. Missions like this are important for a country like India that has a certain amount of economic power, but has not had the opportunity to see as many tangible examples of what it is capable of. You'll notice for example a country like Mexico has a GDP pretty much the size as India's, but only passed the final approval for a space agency this month, one of many examples of a country perfectly capable of contributing to space development with the rest of the world but is only now beginning to take the initiative in doing so. Seeing these missions carried out is good not only for a country like India, but other countries with mid-sized economies that look at these missions and know that they could probably be doing the same thing if they wished.


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